A Hot Mess

I saw a blog post a while ago that made me laugh…..and then it made me think. It was your typical mom blog, a woman showing how chaotic life can be in her home. She took a picture of the terrible mess in her living room, and I was shocked.

There were two children, and maybe fifteen or twenty toys on the floor.

I looked from the picture on my computer screen into MY living room, with three children (all of whom had been on their iPads for over an hour *gasp*), five loads of clean laundry waiting to be folded, maybe thirty or forty toys, empty bowls and cups, and a beautiful marker mural recently drawn on the wall by my four year old.

So I thought, either this woman is making fun of me or I have a problem. I hope there are other parents out there who live in the same state of constant “hot mess-ness” that I live in every day. If you’re one of them, this place is for you.

Maybe you’re just looking for someone to make you feel less insane, or someone to show you that you’re normal. I want this blog to be there to normalize the hot mess-ness, and to celebrate the days (or minutes) when we break free of the mess and manage to feel like the super-parent that everyone else on the internet seems to be.

Welcome to my life.


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